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International Undergraduate Course Catalog

Each undergraduate course offers two credits,
and is designed to be completed within 2-4 weeks.

eCourse Format

The course book is either a PDF document OR an eBook. The workbook is an interactive PDF document.

The student can type the answers directly into the workbook and submit for grading by email. All students are required to have a KJV Bible.  Try the Demo.

After your order has been processed you will receive a link by email to download your course materials.

eCourse Format
SS 351 God in American History $39
Enrollment in Course + eWorkbook. eBook included.
SS 352 Christian America $39
Enrollment in Course + eWorkbook. eBook purchased separately $14.
(Link to follow by email during school hours)
SS 425 Church History (Baptist Viewpoint) $39
Enrollment in Course + eWorkbook. eBook included.
Which Platforms Do We Offer?
All eWorkbooks are PDF's and viewable on any computer using Adobe Reader. eBook platforms vary. We do our best to find them for most types of eReaders.

Kindle Users note: Not all course titles offered as ebooks are available from Amazon. In this case, you will need to use your computer to read the book. If this is not satisfactory, you may select another course or, order the course in print format, or ask for a refund (eWorkbook only).

If you purchase the book from a vendor not listed here, or already have the book, you are responsible to determine if you have the correct publication. The book title and author is not enough due to publishers producing multiple variations of the same book.

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