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"It was refreshing in this age of revisionist versions of American history to read what the Pilgrims actually said about motives for coming here, ' preach and baptize into the Christian religion, and by propagation of the Gospel, to recover out of the arms of the Devil a number of poor and miserable souls wrapped up unto death in almost invincible ignorance and to add to the Treasury of Heaven.'" M. Hilby

"... I was truly amazed at how the leaders of the military prayed and sought God.  When taught about some of these wars in school and hearing other persons talk about the wars they were in, never once did anyone share that they sought the Lord before making a move to the next level of combat.  My heart rejoiced knowing that the past leaders of this country knew how to pray, knew how to seek, knew how to hear from God, knew that they could not make it on their own, knew that they needed the strength of someone with a higher POWER, they knew they needed God.  A.L.

"...makes me more proud to be an American. Slavery brought my ancestors here. They endured cruelty, hardships and trials I hope never to endure.." "God's providence for me to be born here is phenomenal..." Valerie M.

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Free eBook—God in American History

Is America a Christian Nation? There is much discourse in the public square over this topic. What are the facts? A brief view of history that proves our American heritage is a Christian heritage. This course, based on extensive research, introduces the close relationship between God and American heritage.