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Theological Foundations for the Ministry Leader

The key to church growth and individual spiritual growth is discipleship under a Godly leader. This is most effective in small group settings organized around a common interest such as gender, age, family units, prayer, life issues or spiritual topics.

It is important to God and the church body to have leaders grounded in sound Biblical doctrine as well as strong spiritual leadership skills. 

The ministry leader must have a hunger for God’s Word as well as the love that Jesus has for others. The module will provide the training the aspiring or current church ministry leader needs and will equip him or her to use their God-given gifts.

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Spiritual Leadership & Theology for Small Group Leaders 

* combine this module with Theological Foundations for a powerful training for Elders or Deacons.

This module will equip the leader with the Bible knowledge needed to lead a small group. Many people will testify that small groups organized around a ‘need’ or ‘interest’ are the life blood of church fellowship, providing the intimate setting necessary for spiritual growth.

The best small group leaders are called by God and can come from a variety of backgrounds ranging from long-time Christians to those who escaped a destructive lifestyle by the grace of God. When the gratitude of these people is combined with Bible knowledge, God has the leader He can use. Many of the largest ministries in today’s world started as a small group led by a Spirit-filled believer saved by grace. 

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Church Education Precepts and Guidance

Many adults can remember the impact their Sunday School teacher made on them as a child. In fact, many were likely led to Jesus by them. What does it take to be a successful teacher? Faith, love, and hope combined with the passion to teach the Bible to others. This module will give the teacher of both adults and children the necessary Bible doctrine and basic apologetics training to be an effective teacher.

Additionally, this module provides the teacher with a wealth of ideas for building and growing his/her class within their local church. The Sunday School teacher who loved you and shared the Good News with you operated under the direction of the Holy Spirit. One of the most powerful  courses in this module examines this partnership with the Holy Spirit for successful teaching.

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Compassion Ministry  

You may be surprised to learn that our correctional system is a fertile ground for church ministry. Each jail or prison has the population of most churches and an audience that is hungry to hear of God’s compassion. These inmates need a minister just as much as those on the outside. It is a unique ministry field requiring at least a minimum amount of training.

Nursing homes, assisted living facilities, all are increasing in population. The residents are often eager to hear the Word, have a minister visit, or have come to realize their need of a Savior. This module will provide those called to nursing home ministry the knowledge and confidence to reach out to the residents in need.

This ministry module will help launch the near-ready minister out into the field and give the local church the satisfaction of the soul-winner's joy. 

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