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Why Doesn’t Patriot’s Catalog Feature Faculty Biographies?

Our Answer to a Prospective Student who asked…

As a non-traditional Christian school, our distance-learning programs are curriculum-based, rather than teacher-based.

Therefore, the teaching material is presented by outstanding Christian leaders who are not on our payroll. So, if a course is based on a book by Adrian Rogers or J.Vernon McGee or Billy Graham, technically they are the teachers. But we do not believe it is ethical to list their names and qualifications as being on our faculty. And since some of our “teachers” have gone on to Heaven, you would no doubt be confused about how they are coming to work at Patriot Bible University each morning.

Our philosophy of education is learner-centered, not teacher-centered.

We believe the proof of quality Christian education is not in how well the teachers have learned before they came to us, but how well the students learn while with us. (Many of us have sat under brilliant professors who were not able to communicate their great knowledge in a way that most students could understand). Therefore, we believe that it is more important to present the testimonials from students who have learned from our courses, rather than to list information about what our faculty learned from someone else’s courses.

Our staff is committed to try to glorify God and what He is doing, rather than to draw attention to ourselves.

We encourage you to truly seek God’s will about studying with us. If He gives the go-ahead, you will no doubt be satisfied. Ask Him if He has accredited (approved) our school for your life and ministry training!

Having said that, for those of you who feel it is important to know more about our backgrounds in ministry and education, I will tell you that I have been in the ministry for 35+ years, was a founder of Patriot 30 years ago, and hold two doctoral degrees. Dr. Wayne Knight has also been in the ministry for more than 30 years, and has two doctoral degrees. Dr. Bill Knight has been in the ministry more than 50 years, and holds doctoral degrees from three other schools.

Our degrees are all from Christian colleges and universities, primarily other distance learning programs, so God has prepared us with our own studies to lead in non-traditional training.

—Dr. Lonnie Skinner

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Patriot Bible University is distance learning.
"Excellence in Bible - at any distance"

Courses are delivered (via postal or download) directly to the student who studies independently and at their own pace. When finished with the course, the student returns their coursework for grading. Each course consists of one or more textbooks and a workbook coupled with the KJV Bible.

Online Courses: Many undergraduate courses are also offered as interactive PDF's. The student downloads their course-books from and completes them using a computer loaded with Adobe Reader 8+.

We conduct our student communications by phone, internet websites, e-mail, USPS, and Live Chat (above). Student testing is assessed by workbooks submitted for grading.

Sorry, we do not have a 'traditional campus' as the delivery of correspondence education does not require one. Rather, we have sharpened our skill at being the best at delivering the education to the self-directed student.

Start Anytime, Study Anywhere.

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Patriot’s curriculum has been designed from the ground up especially for correspondence and self-directed studies. Students love the courses!

Patriot textbooks are carefully selected from Biblically conservative, professional authors who have written on a focused subject. Course textbooks present and expound on the Bible’s absolute truth - not man’s modernistic reasoning.

Patriot’s unique curriculum is based upon student reading and comprehension. Students do not sit through taped lectures, write pages of notes, and take multiple 'guess' tests. Rather, each Patriot course includes a 200-300 page textbook accompanied by a colorful workbook. The high quality workbooks ask the student questions directly from the reading assignment and the Bible. Read - Write - Reinforce.

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